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500ml Water Bottles (Clear)

500ml Water Bottles (Clear)

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Each package contains 4 sprues and each sprue contains 10 bottles. *

Paint with a clear gloss coat to increase transparency. Add a touch of blue to your clear coat to tint the bottles.

Sometimes not every model printed on a sprue prints properly. In these cases additional models will be included in the bag to ensure each bag contains at least the number of models advertised.

As with all scale models some finishing work will be required including sanding and possibly some drilling. Be sure to wear a dust mask when sanding to avoid inhaling resin dust or wet sand.
Models are made of UV curable resin and are provided in a UV blocking bag to protect them from excessive UV exposure. It's recommended that all UV resins be coated either with paint or a clear coat.
All models are supplied unpainted.
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